1: 1. Reunited Partners: Ziva and Tony team up again for thrilling cases.

2: 2. Explosive Chemistry: Fans can't get enough of Ziva and Tony's dynamic.

3: 3. Action-Packed Episodes: Get ready for heart-pounding investigations and surprises.

4: 4. Emotional Storylines: Explore Ziva and Tony's personal journeys and connections.

5: 5. Nostalgic Moments: Relive the magic of NCIS with these beloved characters.

6: 6. Guest Appearances: Look out for special cameos from familiar faces.

7: 7. Twists and Turns: Expect twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

8: 8. Romance Rekindled: Will Ziva and Tony finally admit their feelings for each other?

9: 9. Unforgettable Moments: Don't miss out on the excitement of the newest NCIS spinoff.