1: 1. Mispronounce Italian dishes like "bruschetta" 2. Confuse Italy with "Jersey Shore" stereotypes

2: 3. Wear socks with sandals 4. Talk loudly in public places

3: 5. Add extra parmigiano cheese to seafood pasta 6. Ask for butter instead of olive oil for bread

4: 7. Complain about lack of ice in drinks 8. Order a cappuccino after dinner

5: 9. Use your hands to talk instead of using words 10. Assume every Italian knows how to cook a perfect pizza

6: 11. Request "extra spicy" Italian dishes 12. Ask for spaghetti and meatballs

7: 13. Forget to say "grazie" (thank you) 14. Expect Italian time to be punctual

8: 15. Haggle over prices at local markets 16. Use a fork to eat pizza

9: 17. Wear shorts and flip flops to historic sites 18. Insist on using a GPS instead of getting lost in Italy's charm.