1: "10 Yoga Exercises To Banish Love Handles" Learn effective poses to sculpt your waistline and improve core strength.

2: "Downward Dog" Targeting obliques, strengthen your core while elongating the spine in this yoga classic.

3: "Boat Pose" Engage your core muscles with this challenging pose to tone and tighten your midsection.

4: "Plank Pose" Improve balance and stability as you work your entire core to banish love handles.

5: "Warrior III" Strengthen your core and improve posture with this dynamic standing pose.

6: "Side Plank" Challenge your obliques with this powerful pose to tone your sides and banish love handles.

7: "Camel Pose" Stretch your abs and chest while targeting love handles for a sculpted waistline.

8: "Twisting Chair Pose" Stimulate digestion and trim your waist with this detoxifying yoga posture.

9: "Bridge Pose" Strengthen the core and lower back to banish love handles and improve posture.