1: Explore the world of Mediterranean cuisine with these fun and easy crafts for kids.

2: Create delicious kabob skewers with colorful fruits and vegetables - a healthy and tasty treat.

3: Try your hand at making mini pita pizzas with your favorite toppings for a personalized snack.

4: Craft your own hummus and serve with crunchy pita chips for a satisfying snack.

5: Make refreshing tzatziki dip with cucumbers and yogurt - a perfect summer treat.

6: Roll up some tasty grape leaves filled with rice and herbs for a Mediterranean twist.

7: Create a colorful Greek salad with fresh veggies and feta cheese for a light and healthy meal.

8: Bake homemade baklava with layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey for a sweet dessert.

9: Get creative with Mediterranean food crafts and enjoy quality time with your kids this weekend.