1: Discover the fascinating world of vintage cars powered by aero engines.

2: The Beast of Turin: A monstrous Fiat S76 with a 28.4-liter engine.

3: Bentley BR2: This racing car features a massive 15-liter rotary engine.

4: The Packard Bentley: A hybrid creation with a Packard V12 airplane engine.

5: The Birkin Bentley: A supercharged Bentley with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.

6: Napier-Railton: An iconic racing car with a 24-liter Napier Lion engine.

7: Lamborghini-Powered Packard: A unique mix of a Lamborghini V12 and Packard.

8: The P-51 Mustang Roadster: A legendary WWII plane turned into a car.

9: Experience the power and history of these insane vintage cars.