1: "Create a DIY watering system using plastic bottles to save time and water in your garden."

2: "Reuse coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer to save money and enrich soil in your garden beds."

3: "Use eggshells to deter pests and provide calcium to plants, saving money on pest control and plant health."

4: "Repurpose old socks as plant holders to save money on planters and add a unique touch to your garden."

5: "Grow lettuce in a hanging shoe organizer for space-saving and easy access to fresh salad greens."

6: "Start a compost bin to recycle kitchen waste and save money on buying soil amendments for your garden."

7: "Create a vertical herb garden using shoe racks to save space and have fresh herbs at your fingertips."

8: "Collect rainwater in barrels to save money on water bills and provide plants with a natural and free water source."

9: "Protect plants from frost with old shower curtains to save time and money on replacing sensitive plants."