1: "NCIS fans missing Tony and Ziva? Rewatch these 10 episodes for their epic moments and chemistry."

2: "In 'Kill Ari: Part 1 & 2,' Tony and Ziva's relationship is tested as they face a vengeful terrorist."

3: " 'Boxed In' showcases Tony and Ziva's strong bond as they work together to escape danger."

4: "In 'Jet Lag,' Tony and Ziva's undercover mission leads to unexpected feelings and twists."

5: " 'Reunion' highlights Tony and Ziva's complex past and emotional connection."

6: "Watch 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' for Tony and Ziva's witty banter and undeniable chemistry."

7: "In 'Enemies Foreign & Domestic,' Tony and Ziva's loyalty to each other is put to the test."

8: " 'Berlin' is a must-watch for fans of Tony and Ziva's intense and passionate dynamic."

9: "Relive Tony and Ziva's best moments in 'Shiva' as they face tragedy and support each other."