1: Real and Fake Weapons in WWE Discover the truth about the use of weapons in WWE matches. From steel chairs to sledgehammers, find out what's real and what's just for show.

2: Steel Chairs Steel chairs have been a staple in WWE matches for decades. While the impact is real, the chairs used are specially designed to minimize injury to the wrestlers.

3: Ladders Ladders are often used in high-risk matches like ladder matches and Money in the Bank matches. The ladders are real, but their weight and construction are carefully controlled.

4: Tables Breaking a table is a crowd-pleasing moment in WWE, but the tables are specially weakened to break easily and safely. Wrestlers are trained to land safely to avoid injury.

5: kendo sticks Kendo sticks are one of the most commonly used weapons in WWE matches. While they can leave marks, they are designed to bend upon impact to minimize injury.

6: Sledgehammers The sledgehammer is a signature weapon of Triple H, but in reality, the sledgehammer used in matches is often a gimmicked prop that is much lighter than a real sledgehammer.

7: Barbed Wire Barbed wire matches are among the most brutal in WWE history. While the barbed wire is real, strict safety protocols are in place to prevent serious injury to the wrestlers.

8: Singapore Cane The Singapore cane is a weapon often used by WWE Superstars like The Sandman. While the cane is real, the strikes are carefully controlled to avoid serious injury.

9: conclusion While weapons are a dramatic element of WWE matches, the safety of the wrestlers is always the top priority. Both real and fake weapons are carefully managed to ensure a thrilling but safe experience for all involved.