1: As Blue Bloods ends with Season 14, fans mourn the departure of the beloved show and its iconic star Tom Selleck. CBS breaks the news.

2: Tom Selleck's portrayal of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan captivated audiences for over a decade. The end of Blue Bloods marks the end of an era.

3: Viewers praise the show's portrayal of the Reagan family's dedication to law enforcement and each other. The impact of Blue Bloods will long be felt.

4: CBS announces the decision to end Blue Bloods after Season 14, leaving fans wondering about the future of the Reagan family. Tom Selleck reflects.

5: Tom Selleck expresses gratitude for the opportunity to bring Frank Reagan to life on Blue Bloods. The end of the show marks a bittersweet moment.

6: Fans share memories of their favorite Blue Bloods moments as they prepare to say goodbye. The show's legacy lives on as it comes to a close.

7: CBS promises to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Blue Bloods as it wraps up its final season. Tom Selleck's legacy as Frank Reagan endures.

8: The end of Blue Bloods signals the end of an era in television drama. Tom Selleck's performance will be remembered for years to come.

9: As fans bid farewell to Blue Bloods, they celebrate the impact the show had on their lives. Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan will be missed.