1: After 11 years, "Blue Bloods" comes to an end with Season 14. Tom Selleck and CBS reflect on the legacy of this beloved series.

2: As "Blue Bloods" concludes, fans are left with mixed emotions. The show's impact and memorable characters will always be remembered.

3: Tom Selleck, who played Commissioner Frank Reagan, shares his thoughts on saying goodbye to "Blue Bloods" after 14 seasons.

4: CBS issues a statement thanking the cast, crew, and fans for their support throughout the years of "Blue Bloods."

5: The legacy of "Blue Bloods" will live on in the hearts of fans who have followed the Reagan family through triumphs and challenges.

6: Viewers say goodbye to their favorite characters as "Blue Bloods" wraps up its final season, leaving a lasting impact on television.

7: As we bid farewell to "Blue Bloods," we look back on the lessons learned, relationships formed, and justice served in each episode.

8: Tom Selleck's portrayal of Commissioner Frank Reagan will forever be etched in television history as a symbol of strength and integrity.

9: CBS and the entire "Blue Bloods" team express their gratitude for the support and dedication of fans who made the series a success.