1: 1. Abandonedcastles, mansions, and skyscrapers stand as reminders of their former glory. Discover the most expensive abandoned structures in the world.

2: 2. Once grand, noweerie, the 350-room Chateau Miranda in Belgium is a haunting sight. A true testament to abandonment.

3: 3. The Pegasus Plaza Hotel in Belgium was abandoned after plans to refurbish were scrapped. A lost luxury retreat.

4: 4. Detroit'sFisher Body Plant once symbolized America's industrial might. Now a decaying shell, its legacy fades.

5: 5. The Tranquille Sanatorium in Canada stands as a haunting reminder of its dark past. A chilling sight to behold.

6: 6. The AbandonedJoule Hotel in Dallas once hosted celebrities and socialites. Now, a crumbling relic of its former glory.

7: 7. The Haludovo Palace Hotel in Croatia was once a playground for the rich and famous. Now, it lies deserted.

8: 8. The OldWar Office Building in London stands as a reminder of wartime history. Abandoned but not forgotten.

9: 9. The AbandonedWhitby Pavilion in England once hosted grand events. Now, it stands silent, a faded beauty of days gone by.