1: "Bird Feeder DIY" Turn an old rake into a bird feeder and attract colorful orioles to your yard.

2: "Gather Supplies" Rake, birdseed, orange slices, and twine are all you need for this project.

3: "Remove Handle" Detach the handle from the rake to create a hanging platform for the birds.

4: "Add Birdseed" Fill the rake head with birdseed to entice orioles to your feeder.

5: "Hang Orange Slices" Hang orange slices on the rake to attract orioles with their favorite snack.

6: "Create Perch" Add twine to create a perch for the birds to rest while feeding.

7: "Watch Orioles Flock" Sit back and watch colorful orioles flock to your backyard to feed.

8: "Enjoy Nature" Transform your garden into a birdwatching paradise with this simple DIY project.

9: "Share Your Feeder" Spread the joy of birdwatching by sharing your rake bird feeder idea with friends.