1: After 21 seasons, Sean Murray's future on NCIS is uncertain. What does this mean for the show's future?

2: Murray has been a staple on the show since season one. Will his potential departure shake up the dynamic?

3: Fans are left wondering if NCIS can survive without Murray's character, Agent McGee.

4: The show has overcome cast changes before, but Murray's departure could have a significant impact.

5: Murray's uncertain future adds a layer of suspense to the long-running series.

6: Will NCIS find a way to continue its success without one of its core cast members?

7: The show's future hangs in the balance as fans speculate about Murray's next move.

8: NCIS producers will need to carefully navigate Murray's potential exit to keep the show's momentum going.

9: As NCIS faces a new chapter, fans are eager to see how Murray's uncertain future will shape the show's legacy.